About The Program

If you are reading this you are now ready to take the journey of having a relationship with those who produce your food.  

This is not only important, it's revolutionary.  In a time when the food industrial complex is so large and disconnected to the customers they feed, many small farmers like us are opening farm to table models that shorten the gap and bring quality food back to your plate. 

Becoming a member will also help to support the men and women who have taken the scary step in firing up this revolution and making it a reality for you.

As a member, you will receive a Farm Box. You will be considered a "Produce Shareholders" and part of the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) model. Essentially, you will have your own personal Farmers! 

The benefits for you include:

  • Fresher food for you - More nutrient dense

  • Increasing personal relationships with your food producer

  • Adding to your Local Economy & Community

  • Self awareness through your diet

  • Interdependence between farmer and customer

    How It Works

        Step 1: Read the Terms and Conditions of our Farm Box Program, and sign up for an account by choosing a login ID and password.

        Step 2: Begin shopping by choosing a box that best suits your needs. In the description section of each box it will contain the amount of items and the estimation of how many it will feed.

    Step 3: Add extra goodies to your Farm Box such as meats, drinks, dried goods, etc.

    Step 4: Choose your pick up location that is most convenient for you.

    Step 5: Complete your order by filling out the appropriate fields. 

    Step 6: Look for updates and please give us feedback.  Please remember to order as soon as possible for the sake of availability. Orders must be received a minimum of 2 days before the delivery and market pick-up date.

    Step 7: Enjoy your food box!